About us

We like to think of ourselves as specialists in financial services, who talk, think, look and act like real people... just like you. I know, crazy right?

We've cut out the technicalities, paperwork and obsolete processes wherever possible. Providing you with a fresh, fun and vibrant service tailored to each and every one of you - that’s how special you are.

We're in this with you for the long haul, serving our customers since 2007. We know our stuff and we get stuff done! So, get to it and book one of our hand picked advisers to get the all important stuff sorted.

Terangi Brown | Director and Adviser

The captain of the team, Terangi takes care of business development and mentoring our advisers. She is a keen sports mum and also makes a mean margarita!

Alex Brown | Adviser

Alex is at the coalface, advising and assisting clients on a daily basis. His enthusiasm and positivity makes him a natural favourite with advisers and clients alike.

Want to join an amazing team? Yes Please!