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Insurance icon Insurance

It’s all about creaing a strategic plan that will financially assist you and your dependants (your biggest assets) when life takes a turn and the going gets rough. Allowing you and those who matter most to focus on recovering and relaxing. Without the strain of life’s financial commitments and the cost of medical treatments pushing you through the biggest hardships #insurance #safeguards #theunexpected.

  • Income and mortgage protection
  • Trauma Cover
  • Medical cover
  • Life cover

Mortgages icon Mortgages

Although Mortgage Brokers, is a name our team are commonly (incorrectly) identified with. They’re people who deal with people offering a full Mortgage Advice service. They will walk you through the process of buying your next home, refinancing and ticking the boxes ensuring the overall set-up aligns with you, your goals and your best interests. #house #moolah #happydebt

  • Investment property purchases
  • Interest rate negotiations
  • Planning to buy in future
  • First home buyers

Kiwi Saver icon Kiwi Saver

Kiwisaver is a New Zealand structured savings initiative that aims to assist long-term investments, such as, purchasing your first home or retirement. We support voluntary savings scheme and have seen some awesome opportunities created from it. It’s designed to be hassle free allowing you to manage and maintain an investment pattern with a range of incentives #maxamise #itspotential

  • First Home Withdrawal Grant
  • First Home Buyers Grant
  • Employer/employee contributions
  • Member tax credits
  • Various fund types

Wills and Trusts icon Wills & Trusts

Protecting your family's future is probably your main reason for getting insurance, building an asset base with property and having savings and investments. You want to make sure that they are cared for in your absence and that they won't have to worry about fighting over the assets you leave behind. And yet, that could be the end result if you do not have a will or a trust to put your well made plans to action. We work with cutting edge technology and only the most trusted Estate professionals to make it all easier than you can imagine.

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Trust Reviews and Compliance

What makes us different?

We like to think of ourselves as specialists in financial services, who talk, think and act like real people, just like you. I know, crazy right?


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