What happens when you go through an insurance anniversary at GreenTree Advisers?

Well, nothing but good things is what! This is a great opportunity to touch base with us and book in a time to catch up with your adviser.

So, you’ve been with us for close to a year, over a year or several years? A significantly important part of our service is anniversary time.

What is an ‘anniversary’ you’re asking?

That’s the annual cycle your policy goes through - this is based on your policy's first premium due date.

What happens at anniversary time?

A couple of things happen at this time

1. You will receive a call from us (woop wooop). This is just a quick hey, how’s it going catch up call to touch base with you, ensure nothing significant has happened, contact information is all still the same, and making sure you’re still happy with the cover you have in place. This is a great time to book a 30min catch-up appt with your adviser to go over any life circumstance changes and for your adviser to check you’re still with the best provider for your situation. A catch-up appointment could be needed for the following reasons -

You’ve had an increase in salary, therefore, your living expenses have increased, your partner has stopped working, therefore, your household income has decreased. Or, you’ve quit smoking, paid off your mortgage, bought another house, had another child or split from your partner. Various changes in life circumstances directly impact your insurance coverage and how it is structured. Or, you could just want to have a catch-up with your adviser as it’s been a bit of time since you saw them last.

2. You will receive a follow-up email from us confirming the details we went over on the phone call. I.e. confirming your appointment with your adviser, sending you any policy documents you need, your anniversary letter and confirmation of details updated.

3. You will receive a letter from your provider confirming your annual anniversary. They will generally (dependant on who your provider is) send you an outline of your current policy in place and will address who the owner of the policy is – who is covered by the protection put in place and who receives the monetary payouts.

4. Your policy may be structured (more common than not) in a way where it has annual premium increases at a very small percentage. You will be advised of this with every anniversary letter you receive from us on behalf of your provider.

Anniversary’s – we like to think of as the opportunity for us to touch base with you, check everything is all good on your end, no life changes have happened since the last time you caught up with us, you’re still happy with your policy in place and whether you do or don’t need a catch up with your adviser.

Anniversary's are a good time and we just want to make sure you have the best cover in place and are happy with your cover in place!