Many avoid the discussion of wills, which is understandable as it is dealing with the confronting word: death. And really, who wants to focus on what happens when we die.

But, it is an important aspect of life that we need to focus on at some point in time (better now than, never right?). We don’t want to leave this place unprepared or leave the ones we love with having to deal with what to do.

Passing away without the ‘tough’ things covered can place a lot of added stress and pressure on your family at a rather difficult time.

Working in the financial industry – we come across the common misconceptions people have about wills…

  • I don’t have any assets, I don’t need a will.
  • I don’t care where my assets go, I don’t need a will.
  • Wills are for rich people, I’m not rich.
  • My kids will be fine, they can sort it out between themselves, I don’t need a will.

But, what happens if you die without a will?

  • The New Zealand public trust manage the handling of your funds/assets
  • People you wouldn’t elect to manage your possessions make those decisions for you

Wills are important and have so much more value than protecting the things you value.

So, is now the time to get your will sorted?

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