What is an independent financial adviser and why are they free?

When dealing with a financial adviser most would first consider as 'stepping into scary or awkward territory'. Feeling like you question their intentions, are they just trying to sell me something, are they genuine, are they working to my best interests or theirs?

The truth is, dealing with a financial adviser really works to the clients benefit more than anyone else – wow, mic drop! The real tragedy is that most kiwis don’t know what they are nor how to use them to their best advantage.

What are they?

Put simply, an adviser is the middle person between financial providers and everyday people (like the person reading this). They’re the ones who know all the in’s and out’s of the industry, so you don’t have to: policy wordings/company changes/ownership/new cover options. To be fair there is sooo much to know in the insurance industry - fine print, big print - there is little to no way an individual could do the research on their own. Hey, unless you’ve got a spare few hundred hours of reading time and phone calls to make.

  • Advisers are independent: they aren’t aligned with a particular company
  • They’re registered: they have compliances as regulated by the Government
  • They work for you, they don't work for a financial provider (such as Onepath, Southern Cross etc.)

Essentially, thy deal with many providers, read through all of their fine print and can offer unbiased information to set-up a financial plan to cover your ‘what ifs’. Further, they service your policy making changes to your financial plans as your life changes – marriage, kids, divorce, age and price. Then they organise your claims right through their process. Your adviser is very much a life partner.

Why is their help for free?

Advisers are paid a fee from the provider used for setting your cover up, commonly known as commission. Whether you go through an adviser or not you will get the same cover/same price. But, if you do go through a company you definitely miss the relationship/human factor. Having someone bat for you when it comes to the nitty gritty and having your best interests in mind. Having someone there who knows all of the ins and outs to get your needs across the line. Removing the call centre, call wait times and lack of knowing who you really are and your situation.

Use an adviser, it’s a no brainer really.

Better yet, use A GREENTREE ADVISER they’re hand-picked, crème of the crop and really do love what they do. Who ever invented advisers is bomb.com. And as a side not, don’t you think this is the stuff we should’ve been taught at schools?!

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