How to insure you and your family?

Let’s keep this simple, there are four ways to insure yourself - we've broken it down into an easy to understand way (phew).

Life insurance:

This option is quite common and most know what it is – title says it all really. Essentially, life cover pays a lump sum in the event of death or when diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Note: ensure you have a will in place otherwise the Public Trust (public legal system) decides where it goes

Medical insurance

Pays for medical bills when you get sick, gets you treatment faster and gives you access to non-pharmac funded drugs or subsides them.

Note: if you need info on what pharmac is Click Here

Trauma insurance

Provides a lump sum payment when a (specified) medical condition is diagnosed. Trauma cover is designed to help illeviate the financial impact associated with the sever conditions covered i.e. reduce debt, cover loss of income, pay for medical expenses or enjoy moments of life you couldn’t otherwise.

Income protection

Pays a percentage of your income should you can no longer work due to illness or injury. Sickness can be stressful, inability to pay your bills can induce the stress especially when you have a family to look after – income protection assists in this time.

Insurance, it pays to have it (literally and figuratively) and you'll feel great once you have it done.